Bwindi Gorilla Safari Park Rules

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Bwindi Gorilla Safari Park Rules

DSCN1647For conservation reasons, visits to the gorillas are tightly controlled. The following rules apply and must be strictly adhered to: -

  1. Don’t leave litter. All litter must be carried out of the park and disposed off properly.
  2. No one with a communicable disease is allowed to enter the park.
  3. Don’t spit on the vegetation or soil while in the park, use your hankies or other garment.
  4. Don’t use flashes while photographing the gorillas.
  5. Stay together to a tight group while with the gorillas, don’t surround them.
  6. You are allowed a maximum of 1 hour with the mountain gorillas.
  7. Turn a way from the gorillas if you have to sneeze or cough. Cover your nose and mouth in the process.
  8. Don’t get closer than 7 metres to the gorillas.
  9. Burry all human feaces in a minimum of one feet deep and ensure that the hole is properly covered.
  10. Don’t eat or smoke when with gorillas or within a distance of 200 from the gorillas.
  11. No person under 15 years is allowed to track gorillas.
  12. Don’t make loud noise or move suddenly.

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