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Uganda Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Lions during a tour

Lions during a tour

Choosing the best Uganda Tour Operator or Safari Company

There are loads of Tour operators in Uganda specializing in provision of tour services in Uganda. The services range from tours, to flights and hotel booking. While planning for your safari, it is very important to interact with the tour operators before you can make up your mind over which safari company will take care of your tour.

To start with, you need to find out the area of expertise of the tour company in relation to you preferred safari option. Some are experts in luxury holiday tours well as others specialize in tailor made safaris, camping, mountaineering, lodge safaris or overland vacations.

A little research in necessary to establish the reputation of the Uganda tour operator you choose to take care of your vacation. Take time to discover the membership of that operator in different Tourism organizations such as AUTO, Africa Travel Association, ATTA, Nature Uganda and so much more.

Any of the Uganda tour operator should be able provide any travel information you need regarding your Uganda safari; including visa, flights, hotels, travel and health insurance, security, communication and so much more.

Get a written copy of the terms and conditions from the Tour operator. In fact, you can probably have each company mail you a copy of their policy. After receiving a copy of each company’s policy, review the policies carefully. In doing so, you will be able to find the best deal for you and you will also familiarize yourself with all of the policies.

Avoid as much as possible, brief case tour operators. The list of tour operators on this page has been carefully selected basing on the credibility, Association membership, customer care and service provision. We are however not responsible for any loss or damage or dissatisfaction regarding any travel guide or travel agent listed on this very page. We try to ensure that these companies don’t default. Under such eventualities, you should contact us and have them removed accordingly.

Here we provide a list of the best tour operators and travel agencies in the whole of Uganda. They offer tour packages ranging from gorilla safari, gorilla tours

African Secrets Limited

Susie House, Plot 1001
Gagba Road, Nsambya
Next to the American Embassy


Acacia Safaris Ltd

Plot 4 Kimathi Avenue,
Box 29493 Kampala
Tel: 041-4253597, Fax: 031-2276091
Mob: 071-2800004

Airmasters Travel Ltd

Impala House, Box 25798 Kampala
Tel: 041-4342831
Fax: 041-4342831
Mob: 077-2504645

Alpha & Beta Car Rental

EMKA House, Annex Suite No.7,
Plot 3/5Bombo road
Box 501 Kampala
Tel: 041-4344332, 077-2411232
Fax: 041-4236559, 041-4340487

Aquifer Tours & Travel

Assurance Bldg,
Plot 1 Kimathi Av. Box 40155 Kampala
Tel: 041-4237373
Fax: 041-4237374

ARC Express

Plot 79 Bukoto street,
Box 27751 Kampala Tel: 031-2250014
Fax: 031-2262659, Mob: 075-2841582

Breeze Travels & Safaris

(airways House), Box 6723 Kampala
Tel: 041-4253255
Fax: 041-4253256, Mob: 077-2587273

C & A Tours Operators Ltd

Plot 1 Colville street
Box 23456 Kampala

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