Chimpanzee Tracking Rules

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Chimpanzee Tracking Rules

Rules to follow while trekking Chimpanzees

  1. chimpanzeesThe maximum number of people in a group is 4 visitors per guided walk.
  2. Please note that sightings depend on factors such as time of the day fruit availability, weather and how quite the primate group is.
  3. The maximum time allowed with the chimps is one hour; the time however might be shortened under the guide’s discretion to eliminate stressful situations for the chimps.
  4. Children under 12 years are not allowed to view the chimps for safety reasons.
  5. Don’t get closer than 8 meters from the chimps or the distance that your guide recommends.
  6. Please refrain from eating near the chimps and other primates. Such as chimpanzee trekking and gorilla trekking In Uganda
  7. Carry rain gear/Rain Jacket, wear long boots that cover your toes and long trousers as there are red ants and slippery trails, a hat and sun screen as the whether is unpredictable as well as insect repellant.
  8. When chimp trekking you are advised to remain in a tight group and follow the guide’s directions at all times.

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