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kazinga-channel-launch-cruiseIf you’re planning to visit Uganda or to enjoy holidays, Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular savanna reserve that you shouldn’t miss though you can visit other parks like Murchison falls and all other 7 national parks and 14 game reserves. The park (Queen Elizabeth) can be easily accessed yet not crowded, offering a wonderful game drive, launch cruise and wildlife experience. All visitors to the parks are monitored and carefully protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with its team of rangers.

The park also has two lakes within, are Lakes Edward and George, connected by Kazinga Channel. There is abundance of wildlife present; with over 90 different mammals and 600 unique bird species recorded though, the Kazinga Channel boat trip is probably the most popular activity in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Kazinga channel is about 40m long adjoining Lake Gorge to Lake Edward. It has the perfect view of the parks’ major wildlife ventures. The shores of the lake attracts a large concentration of mammals, birds as well as reptiles all year around. The animals can be viewed well by the launch cruise or probably at the entrance of Lake Edward. The operation of the cruise run from 15.00 and 17.00 furthermore voyages run 11.00 and 13.00 depending on the demand of the tourists.

Kazinga channel has parts for instance North Kazinga as well as Kasenyi. Its acknowledged that the plains of channel are focal points for game viewing. Tracking is the only way that will enable you see all the wildlife in its nature setting for example buffalo, elephants and other animals that dwell in the grassland thickets of the Northern Kazinga close to Mweya.The most accessible spot for lions is in the eastern part of Kasenyi plains and the Kasese road where they quarry on the big inhabitants of Uganda Kobs.The most favorable time for game drives is during morning and late afternoon hours. The work of the range guide is to help you get enough information about the park and still get the most memorable experience in Africa.

Lunch Cruise: This is taken along the Kazinga channel. On the cruise different animals and birds that can be seen on the 34km tranquil Kazinga Channel shore. These include large crowds of Hippo and solitary Buffaloes, elephants, reptiles like Crocodiles and Lizards, water birds like Pelicans, Egyptian goose, Saddle-billed Stork, African Fish Eagles, African Jacana and Kingfishers among others.

Fish Eagles – Kazinga Channel: In the late afternoon you also get to see the men from the fishing village of Kazinga on the opposite shore of the channel to Mweya, setting out in their flimsy boats for the night’s fishing. They go out at night to avoid the hippos (which, of course, graze on land at night and spend the days in the water). Hippos, as is well know, kill far more humans in African than any other large animal. It is also interesting watching the wildlife roam around your accommodation Premise which is not a common thing that you can witness while in your home.

Counting hippos in Africa: Above all, Queen Elizabeth National park will soon be visited by encumber of tourists that is February and March 2012 to carry out the Hippos counting census in Africa. This is an adventure trip and there is a fee of $100 per day for each seat, but breakfast, lunch and bottled water are included.  Volunteers are entitled to go on more than one excursion (daily rate applies). Seats will be available for 12 days (please see regions and dates available for each day, making a total of 24 available seats.

You don’t have to be an African safari expert to become a volunteer hippo census-taker. In fact, if you have never set foot in East or South Africa, you are more than welcome to come along on this adventure.

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